Warmth-Sachet, Magic-Therm, TermoKlik, ThermoKlik, WarmUp

What is this wonder?

It gives us the possibility to take warmth with us. The liquid inside the bag emits heat during the crystallization process. Crystallization can be started at any time by the user. After use the Magic-Therm bag can be regenerated to it's original state many hundred times.

Use: The product can be used in many areas such as therapeutics, rheumatic limb and/or waist-pain, ear-ache, muscle strains, outdoor winter sports, camping, hunting, fishing, beauty treatment and etc. It's advantage is that it can be used without electricity and that it's surface is being disinfectioned during regeneration.

Thermoklik / Warm Up

How it works

Take the small plate which swims inside the liquid between your fingers and click on it. After this the liquid turns white and crystallizes meanwhile heating up to 50°C. While the liquid is crystallizing it is advantageous to put the bag into the case (which you can get with the product) and then put it on the chosen part of the body. The warm Magic-Therm bag cools down gradually depending on the outer temperature between 0,5-1,5 hours.

How it works

After the bag cooled down put it into a cooking pot ( it is worth it to put some textiles on the bottom and side of the pot so the bag can not catch in the pan). Boil the water for 15-20 minutes until the crystals in the bag loosen and the liquid becomes transparent again. After the bag cooled down it can be used again. In case the regenerating process is finished too early and not all the crystals changed to liquid they will crystallize again during cooling down. If this happens just simply re-do the process.

NEVER regenerate the bag in the microwave-oven!


It has a good effect on rheumatic limb and/or waist-pain, ear-ache, menstruation cramps, muscle strains, shivering-fits and can also be used if the doctor suggests poultice.

Sport and free-time:
it can be used if having a cold, doing winter sports or riding a motorbike, camping, hunting, fishing in cold and wet weather.

If warmed up it helps the absorption of cosmetical bioactive substances. It is much more comfortable and easier to use than the earlier devices in this area ( such as electric and steam devices). Also it can not burn the skin due to it’s maximum temperature of 52°C.

Technical and home use:
It can be easily used to warm up or keep tools warm such as a car's oil-strainer or a nursing bottle. It is also often used to warm up beds.

The Magic-Therm bag content is Sodium Acetate which is neither poisoning nor in any way harmful to health. If it leaks it can not be used again, the content immediately crystallizes. The crystals can be easily removed from clothes (simply by washing). If it gets into contact with skin or eyes a simple wash with water eliminates any danger.


(8x5cm, 50g) 

4 €



6 €


(10cm, 130g) 

6 €.



6 €


(19x13cm, 200g)

8 €


(520g, 40x14cm)

15 €

05_Feet S 

S (32-35) / 1 pair

9 €

05_Feet M

M (36-39) / 1 pair

13 €

05_Feet L 

L (40-43) / 1 pair

14 €

05_Feet XL 

XL (44-46) / 1 pair

14 €


20 €


(1200g, 50x30cm)

21 €



7 €



5 €


(20x20 cm) 

14 €


(45x25 cm)

25 €


(840g, 30x25cm)

17 €

09_Ear case 

(only case-green on the picture, 1pc) 

5 €

10_Hand-knee case

(only case-green on the picture, 1pc) 

6 €

11_Wast case 

(only case-green on the picture,) 

18 €

12_Neck case 

(only case-green on the picture)   

18 €

13_Sitting cushion case

(only case-green on the picture 30x25)  

16 €

Logo, emblem  

There also is a possibility to put an emblem on the TermoKlik bags.


Cash on delivery package fee

Österreich	Ausztria


Österreich Ausztria

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up to 2 kg 14 EUR
up to 5 kg 15 EUR 

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Česká republika	Cseh Köztársaság

Czech Republic

Česká republika Cseh Köztársaság

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Eesti Észtország

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Italia Olaszország

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Slovenija Szlovénia

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Parcel delivery fee, in case of 100% prepayment of the price of the products

(no cash on delivery) 

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Belgium Belgium

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Schweiz	Svájc


Schweiz Svájc

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up to 10 kg 30 EUR 

Thermoklik - Warm Up Application

Thermoklik - Warm Up Application

You can install it on your computer, tablet, mobile..


Warm Up® re-usable heat pads make it possible to take cosy warmth with you wherever you go. By the crystallization the liquid inside the pad we get huge amount of heat. The process of the crystallization can be started by the user easily anytime and anywhere by flexing the disc inside the pad. The Warm UP® pad can be recharged easily and quickly and used hundreds of times again.

The Warm UP® pads can be used in a wide range of fields, such as health care: rheumatism, backache, earache, tension, injury to joints, or when doing outside winter sports, camping in cold wet weather, hunting, fishing etc. as well as in beauty business and a lot of other activities.

The big advantage of Warm UP® pads is that it does not require electricity and it gets disinfected in the hot water when it is recharged.

Download ENGLISH - INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (1 page A4 PDF) Download HUNGARIAN PDF Download GERMAN PDF Правила пользования – на русском языке PDF


1. Take the small metal disc (“starter”) inside the Warm UP® pad between thumb and index finger using both hands.

2. Firmly flex the disc 4-5 times until the liquid crystalizes, turning white and becoming warm (up to approximately 50-53°C). If it does not start to crystalize repeat the whole process a few times.

3. During the crystallization massage the Warm UP® pad for a short time to distribute the heat evenly. The Warm UP® pad will cool gradually between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on its size, thermal insulation and the ambient temperature.


1. Place the cold and hard Warm UP® pad into a pan full of water – you need to put some clothes at the bottom and side of the pan for lining, so that the pad cannot burn. Always use an appropriate size of pan which is big enough for the pad, (if it is a real big size of a pad you can even use an oven pan). Never stretch or fold the already hard pad!

2. Heat the water up to at least 90 degrees Centigrade and keep it at that heat till the contents in the Warm UP® pad turn transparent and the white crystals disappear completely, this can take approximately 10-15 minutes. Take care not to boil it longer than needed!

3. Take the Warm UP® pad from the pan and let it cool. Be careful when lifting the pad out of the pan. It should not touch the hot side of the pan, because it may cause damage. The WarmUP® pad can be reactivated after it cools down and this process can be repeated hundreds of times. Caution! Do not use the pad immediately after boiling as it is very hot and can cause burns.

DO NOT HEAT the Warm UP® pad in microwave!

YOU MUST NOT flex or bend the hard pad because it can torn or cracks can appear which destroys it permanently.

YOU MUST NOT step on it, jump on it or cut it with a sharp object. Be careful when lifting the pad out of the pan that it does not touch the hot side of the hot pan, because it may get burnt or torn.

Protect the pan from being hit, pressed or getting into contact with dissolving agents.

The Warm UP® “Sole warmers” are NOT SOLE INLINERS, they can be used to warm up the shoes or your feet but after cooling down they crystalizes and become hard which is not suitable for walking.


If you finish the recharging process too soon and some crystals do not dissolve the whole pad will crystalize again when it cools down completely. Should this happen repeat the recharging process.

You should always recharge the crystalized product as soon as possible, if it remains crystalized for more than a day some air bubbles can appear after recharging. (It does not destroy the pad it is only not nice to look at it)

If the pad was not used for a long time the crystalizing process might not start after flexing the disc. Should that happen you have to wait for a few minutes and then repeat the whole flexing process. You can try that several times. If it still does not work put the pad into the fridge for a few hours and try again. 


People who have circulatory or neurological problems should consult their doctor before use.

The contents of the Warm UP® pad – sodium acetate and water - are safe: non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. If the pad is accidentally cut open the liquid will immediately crystallize. Re-use is then impossible. Wash the liquid off skin or clothes with running tap water. Do not swallow the contents. In case of accidental swallowing contact a doctor immediately.

Material of the pad: PVC, Contents of the pad: Sodium acetate and water.

Starter: steel.

Hergestellt in der Europäischen Union, aus qualifizieren Europäischen Rohstoffen – Ladrosz GmbH.

Der Name Warm Up® und das Logo sind rechtlich geschützt.